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Cuttlefish Hoops - George

Cuttlefish Hoops - George

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With grace and charm, my medium hoop earrings are designed to be an integral part of your daily outfit, adding an extra touch of flair when layered with other earrings.

All pieces in the Cuttlefish Collection are carefully crafted to depict the captivating textures of nature, with every handmade piece originating from Cornwall, ensuring you will never come across two identical pieces.

Each item starts as a cuttlefish shape that I carve, before filling it with molten gold or silver, taken from recycled materials. Whilst I attempt to replicate the images you see in my collection, every cuttlefish has its unique texture, and this is what gives my items their charm.

Please note the earrings in the photos is an example only. All earrings are made to order and will look slightly different due to the technique used.

If you order more than one item, all items will be shipped together unless specified otherwise. Shipping will take 5-10 working days (silver) . 



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