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  • Fresh Water Pearl Ring

    This Freshwater Pearl Ring is designed for those who appreciate the subtle beauty of pearls and seek to incorporate them seamlessly into their everyday wardrobe.

  • Cuttlefish Hoops

    Experience everyday elegance with our affordable cuttlefish-crafted hoops. Stylish, unique, and budget-friendly for your daily chic look.

  • Kyanite Cigar Band

    Handmade Green Kyanite Cigar Band. Suitable for all genders, this unique piece merges style with versatile energy."

Lets Get To Know Each Other

I am based in the stunning North of Cornwall, where I craft all of my gorgeous jewellery.

My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, and I love to incorporate its elements into my designs. I take great pride in creating unique and meaningful pieces that will be cherished for years to come.

Thank you for choosing Oggie&Co for your jewellery needs!

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