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Sea Glass Jewellery

Sea Glass Jewellery

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Sea Glass Jewelry Options

Option 1 - Customize Your Sea Glass

Purchasing this, you will receive a choice of 5 pieces of Sea Glass for you to choose from after placing an order to be turned into your one-of-a-kind treasure.

Option 2 - Bring Your Own Idea to Life

You can provide me with your own ideal sea glass, and I can make it into your desired piece of jewellery.

Just leave a message in the notes section at checkout " my own seaglass" and I will make contact with you to discuss further. 

Your Sea Glass, Your Story

If you've collected your sea glass treasures and trust us with the task of turning them into a unique and personalised sea glass jewellery, each piece will be a testament to your love for the ocean and your personal journey.

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