Gold Earring Hoops Made from Cuttle Fish

How I Make Jewellery Out Of Cuttlefish


 Silver or gold metal poured into cuttlefish                                          

I live and breathe nature. The Oggie & Co Cuttlefish Collection represents each of the elements, showcasing the textures of the natural world. Each piece is unique and handmade in Cornwall, and you’ll never see the same item twice.

I’m so happy to present my new collection. Cast from cuttlefish that were found whilst combing my favourite beaches, these pieces utilise ancient techniques to achieve beautiful results. I use local materials and recycled silver, making the entire process zero-waste. By creating eco-conscious jewellery from cuttlefish, I want to bring the wearer closer to the ocean whilst protecting the planet.


The process starts when I’m wandering along the shoreline, walking my dog before work or leaving the water after a sunset swim. The cuttlefish bones I find are taken home to my workshop on the Cornish coast, dried in the sun and then cut in half. With a design in mind, be it earrings, a ring or pendant, I then carve the shape into the cuttlefish in preparation for casting. Using recycled silver or gold, I pour in the melted metal.

 Picking cuttlefish from the beach                                         Wondering the beach looking for cuttlefish to create jewellery with                   

I first came across the idea for casting jewellery in cuttlefish when researching ancient techniques. Enraptured by the idea of an incredibly sustainable, zero-waste practice that had been used for centuries, I chose to try it for myself. After much trial and error (luckily no silver or gold is wasted as I can melt anything unwanted back down to become the next item of jewellery), I finally perfected the process, and the Oggie & Co Cuttlefish Collection was born. I love the way that each cuttlefish piece embodies every element; water as that’s where it originated, wind as this is what brings it to shore, earth as this is where it ends up and fire as I use it to create the final product.

My style is all about texture. I find a lot of inspiration in nature, and love how the new collection looks like both the inside of the cuttlefish and the rings of a tree. When cast as a necklace, it could also be mistaken for a fingerprint, proving the interconnectedness of us and the outside world!

Different textures in my jewellery, no piece is the same

An integral thought-process in the creation of The Cuttlefish Collection is being conscious of the environment. I use recycled metals, and all scraps and trial pieces are melted back down and used again. Once cast, the cuttlefish can be composted, and all orders are sent in recycled packaging. I think it’s incredibly important to look after the earth and the ocean, and I aim to make Oggie & Co as planet-positive as possible.

I trial every new piece I create before making it available on my website. Since the creation of the collection, I’ve been wearing the rings, earrings and pendant daily, and they’ve become a staple part of my everyday jewellery. Complimenting any outfit, these pieces are simple enough to be worn day-to-day, yet beautiful enough to catch your eye. I design all my pieces to be loved and lived, carrying you through from beach days to nights out.  


The Cuttlefish Collection invites you to explore the Seven Bays, dive into the ocean and scour the sand for beach treasure. Take a piece of the ocean with you, wherever you may roam. I hope you love these new pieces as much as I do.


Words by :

Lottie Lewis  -

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